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Soulful music for relaxation, focus, and meditation

Piano Instrumental

With her original melodic and meditative compositions, Nicole Milner creates a unique ambience that is both evocative and contemplative. Her beautiful piano music fluidly blends classical, world, jazz, and folk influences.

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Sounds of the World

Nicole’s improvisational music is broadly accessible, yet innovative and complex, evoking emotions, moods, and images in nature. Influenced by classical, world, jazz, and folk music, the music incorporates many rhythms and draws on modes – musical scales common in Asia and parts of Eastern Europe.

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Music For All

Her music has been used in many settings and in many ways, including for music therapy at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, California and in other settings, and for life events such as weddings, births, and funerals, and for community events of all kinds.

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Nicole Milner

About Nicole Milner

Nicole’s lifelong interest in music has blossomed with her understanding of its capacity to provide solace and comfort and to create serene settings that inspire contemplation and encourage healing. (Photo by John Jensen.) More About Nicole Milner…

North Coast by Nicole Milner

North Coast

Original melodic and meditational compositions for solo piano that blend classical, world, and folk influences. Milner creates a unique ambiance that is evocative and contemplative. Listen to Samples and Buy MP3s…

Free Association by Nicole Milner

Free Association

The piano score for the film, “Multiply By Six Million,” shown on the Sundance Channel.” Listen to Samples and Buy MP3s…

Peaceful World by Nicole Milner

Peaceful World

Nicole Milner’s Peaceful World album features the San Francisco Boys Chorus. It was US winner of UNICEF-sponsored International New Songs contest (1979). Listen to Samples and Buy MP3s…


New CD from The Audible Light Trio
“Musical improvisation that is beyond categorization, with timeless poems that open the heart!”

The Audible Light Trio: Phoebe Anne Thomas Sorgen (voice), Nicole Milner (piano) and Edie Hartshorne (Japanese koto).

Audible Light Trio


On March 9, 2010, the City of Berkeley honored Nicole by declaring her birthday Nicole Milner Day. Read the proclamation


Nicole wrote the piano score for the film “Multiply By Six Million,” shown on the Sundance Channel. Learn more


Nicole’s song, “It’s A Joy To Get To Know You,” was recorded by Shaina Noll on “Songs of the Inner Child” and has sold more than 350,000 copies.  Listen to “It’s A Joy To Get To Know You” on YouTube.

Photo by John Pearson

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About North Coast: “A great recording, powerful, strongly expressive. The compositions have a lot of integrity.” Read more.

BAM Magazine

“I use Nicole Milner’s music in my teaching of young children. When they get overly excited, and distracted, her music calms them.” Read more.

Sharlyn Sawyer, teacher and dancer, San Francisco, CA

Nicole Milner

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Nicole’s music has influenced people in all walks of life. From teachers to mothers, doctors to children, her music calms, focuses, inspires and relaxes. Read what others are saying about Nicole’s music.